Work in Progress and in Process

In the pipeline.
"The Art of Trembling: Diplomatic Ratification and Tragic Form in Pierre Corneille."
"Baroque Diplomacy," in Oxford Handbook to the Baroque, edited by John Lyons.
"The Early Novel and the Transmission of Culture," with Linda Louie, in the Oxford Handbook to the Novel in French.
Bob Dylan's Poetics (How the Songs Work), Zone Books, in production.

In progress.
Cheerfulness: A User's History from Shakespeare to Facebook.
Colonies Before Colonialism.
Montaigne and the Arts of Reading.
"Distinguished Visitors." Commissioned for a volume on "Textual Ambassadors," edited by Joanna Craigwood and Tracey Sowerby.
The Politics of Babel: The Languages of Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe.
A translation of Philippe Soupault's, "Terpsichore," the first sustained writing in French about Jazz (1928). In collaboration with Jessica Levine.

Larger projects underway.
Cheerfulness: A User's History from Shakespeare to Facebook.
Colonies before Colonialism. What did Renaissance humanists say and think about colonial experience and colonies before the rise of the great modern colonial enterprises that follow 1492.
Montaigne and the Arts of Reading.

Selected Works

In Progress
A list of forthcoming articles and of books I'm writing.
Recent Articles
Two studies of Dylan's poetics; one of his "visionary" work in the mid-1960s and the second of his uses of the prose of Jack Kerouac and the poetry of Petrarch in the elaboration of a new "post-1960s" poetics. Special focus on 1975's "Blood on the Tracks."
Literary History/Political Theory
Literary Criticism/Diplomatic History
A translation of selections from the writings of the heretic, scientist and libertine Cyrano de Bergerac.
Literature/Philosophy of History

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