Work in Progress and in Process
"The Art of Trembling: Diplomatic Ratification and Tragic Form in Pierre Corneille."
"Baroque Diplomacy," in Oxford Handbook to the Baroque, edited by John Lyons.
"The Early Novel and the Transmission of Culture," with Linda Louie, in the Oxford Handbook to the Novel in French.

In progress.
Cheerfulness: A User's History from Shakespeare to Facebook.
Colonies Before Colonialism.
Bob Dylan: How the Songs Work, Zone Books, forthcoming.
Montaigne and the Arts of Reading.
"Distinguished Visitors." Commissioned for a volume on "Textual Ambassadors," edited by Joanna Craigwood and Tracey Sowerby.
The Politics of Babel: The Languages of Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe.
A translation of Philippe Soupault's, "Terpsichore," the first sustained writing in French about Jazz (1928). In collaboration with Jessica Levine.

Recently out.
"Close Encounters: Literary Monstrosity and Corporeal Knowledge in Early Modern France." Spring 2017 issue of ALTER on monstrosity and disability studies.

"Michel de Montaigne: Philosophy Before Philosophy," A History of Modern French Literature, edited by Christopher Prendergast. Princeton University Press.

"In the Shadow of War: Tragedy, Diplomacy and the Poetics of the Truce." In "Soft Power and Theater in the Early Modern Period," edited by Nathalie Riviere de Carles.

"Virgil in India: Epic and Military Strategy in the Lusiads." MLN, spring 2016.

"Michel de Montaigne: Philosophy as Improvisation." Oxford Handbook of Critical Improvisational Studies, edited by George E. Lewis and Benjamin Piekut.

"Colonies Without Colonialism: Territory, Population, and Literature from Foucault to Montaigne." In Humanism/​Anti-Humanism, edited by Jan Miernowski.

"La foi des traitÚs: Baroque History, International Law, and the Politics of Reading in Corneille's 'Rodogune.'" Yale French Studies, 124, "Walter Benjamin's Imaginary French Trauerspiel," edited by Katherine Ibbett and Hall Bjornstad. A study of the peace treaty as a problematic text in early modern political culture.

Virgil in India
An essay on the great Portuguese poet Cam§es and the problem of how to defeat your enemies when you are stuck in an epic poem and your men are badly outnumbered. In MLN, Spring 2016.

Literature and Nation in the Sixteenth Century: Inventing Renaissance France
A study of the literary representation of national community in early modern France. The book studies the intersection between debates about French identity and Christian identity and a series of literary encounters between the French and the non-French "Other" (Turks, Americans, Italians, etc.). The topic of community is understood as a problem of literary genre; crisis of community is depicted in literature through moments of generic breakdown or transformation. Detailed studies of works by, among others, Rabelais, Montaigne, Du Bellay, Marguerite de Navarre, and Corneille. Winner of the Scaglione Prize of the MLA for the best book in French and Francophone Studies. (Cornell University Press, 2000).

Fictions of Embassy: Literature and Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe
This book is the first full-scale study of the relationship between the rise of modern diplomacy in the Renaissance and the emerging world of secular literature. Studies of such authors as Montaigne, Shakespeare, Racine, Machiavelli, Tasso, and Camoens, as well as major thinkers in the development of diplomacy. (Cornell University Press, 2010).

Voyages to the Sun and the Moon
This is a museum-quality, limited-edition book published by Eastside Editions in Sonoma, California, of novels by the seventeenth-century libertine writer Cyrano de Bergerac (not to be confused with the romanticized version in Rostand's famous play). Illustrated with images by the well-known San Francisco artist Art Hazelwood.

Writing from History: The Rhetoric of Exemplarity in Renaissance Literature
A study of the Renaissance reception of classical historical models and their value as exemplars of prudent political and moral action. This book is a study both of the uses of history in the Renaissance, and of the intersection between historical thinking and the rise of modern literature. Studies of such authors as Machiavelli, Shakespeare, Montaigne, Tasso, Cervantes, and Erasmus. (Cornell University Press, 1990).
Winner of the Bainton Book Prize for the best recent work in Renaissance Studies

Selected Works

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Literary History/Political Theory
Literary Criticism/Diplomatic History
A translation of selections from the writings of the heretic, scientist and libertine Cyrano de Bergerac.
Literature/Philosophy of History

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